I am currently working with Michelle for my EMDR certification.  As a supervisor,  she is both supportive and inspiring. I have also found her to be creative,  helpful and encouraging. I would recommend her to anyone looking for a  supervisor or a trainer. I would keep her in mind for future needs.


Trainer is effective at getting the concepts across and understood by trainees....Michelle is a consummate trainer and master therapist...the training was valuable and helpful...an Awesome experience...the training was wonderful and above expectations.

Comments from Trainings

I just finished my EMDR supervision with Michelle.  It  was wonderful to have another therapist who was excited and so enthusiastic  about the wonderful things EMDR offers to others.  Michelle has supported my  eagerness to learn how EMDR can help those I serve.  She is very informative,  intuitive and understanding of bringing EMDR into any practice.

Sarah F

The  consultation I received from Michelle is always helpful and supportive. She believes in EMDR and inspires you to want to use it  more.

Regina DiPadova

This past July and September, I had the pleasure of taking EMDR Basic Training over two weekends with Mrs. Morrissey. Michelle is very passionate about life and helping people along on their journey. She is an excellent instructor and presents EMDR in a way that is informative, interesting, and engaging. She begins the training with a historical overview, the model, methods, and mechanisms of EMDR, and engages the participants in experiential exercises. Utilizing lectures, group practicum, and case consultations via video, she discusses the neurobiology, legal, ethical, and advanced methods of EMDR. I thoroughly enjoyed this training, and looked forward to weekly consultations with Michelle as I found her guidance invaluable and encouraging. I highly recommend training from Michelle, and if she were to offer advanced training in Montana, I will be attending.

Cynthia Vlahos

The consultation I have received from Michelle Morrissey has been unparalleled. She is  attentive to the nuances of EMDR work and very helpful in helping me progress  through the learning curve of EMDR. I feel fortunate to work with Ms. Morrissey.


My life changed, my future became mine to choose instead of being a result of the  trauma from my life. EMDR sounds crazy or a little out there, but no other form  of therapy had been able to do what EMDR did in such a short amount of time. Thank you for giving me my life back.


Great practice and feedback...  Excellent training and the hands on experience was very helpful... Loved it and am very excited to learn more... Really appreciated the empathic approach during practice as well as the examples in front of class... Very good training, so glad I participated...  I really enjoyed your passion for EMDR, I found it to be very engaging.

Comments from Trainings
As a therapist, Michelle is non-judgmental, compassionate, and supportive.  I've recommended multiple patients to her individually.  Her EMDR skills are excellent. As a trainer, she has amazing energy, is thorough in her explanations, and when you are done you feel confident and supported in practicing EMDR. You can't go wrong with The Morrissey Institute.
Kristin Colloton

2020 Virtual Training Comments: 

Thank you for being an incredible mentor and teacher!     You have no idea how much this training has changed my life. 


2012-2019 Face to Face Training Comments:  

Trainer is energetic and passionate about the material, very knowledgeable and open.     It was a great training and I learned a lot and I am ready to use EMDR.  

What a wonderful and worthwhile training, it was worth the 350 mile drive.         Excellent consultation very direct and responsive to questions.    Very current information.   

Very helpful in building my confidence.       The most practical training I have received in the last 10 years, it has prepared me to provide better mental health practices to others.

Trainer is top professional in every way, informative, encouraging, and emulates the level of professionalism that I hope to match.  Training and consultation were excellent, loved the live demonstrations.

Comments from Trainings

I have had the pleasure of supervising and working with Michelle Morrissey.  Her ethics and skills are beyond reproach.  I've seen many of her clients have their lives vastly improved through their work with her.

Alane Wilson

I am grateful for attending Basic training with you and you mentioning the DeTUR protocol and doing the IGTP protocol with us in training. This is what really inspired me to continue learning more about EMDR and wanting to learn these particular protocols. I appreciate all your insight, wisdom, and experience you shared with us and the opportunity to be in your Basic EMDR training in Billings. 

Tara Sorenson