Individual therapy (0-100 year young)

Family therapy (parent/child, couple, and sibling relationships)

EMDR therapy for people or family systems can be done individually or conjoint (as a group of 2 or more)


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Login using your email address and password.

Go to your Dashboard for details on your Telehealth/Zoom access and click LAUNCH.  

Top Right, login to client/patient portal, takes you to a screen Therapy Appointment 2.0, click on login. 



Virtual EMDR Basic Training & Virtual EMDR Advanced Trainings

I will teach you the basics of EMDR therapy. The secrets to client stabilization. How to reprocess trauma safely w/o abreactions. How to adapt the EMDR protocol for special populations.

I can teach you advanced methods of applying EMDR therapy for clients with Traumatic Brain Injuries (separate training). You can learn how to 'Connect the Dots' between life events, current symptoms, and neural networks. This will help you to understand patterns of behaviors and how negative core beliefs develop. 

Coming in 2022 Affect Management Skills Training with EMDR therapy.

Advanced trainings are Virtual.

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EMDR Consultation services can occur locally face to face, via the phone or virtually.

EMDR Consultation as needed for either tough cases, getting stuck, or lacking experience with a specific situation or population.

EMDR Consultation for Certification enhancing your skills so you can become Certified in EMDR therapy.

EMDR Consultation for Approved Consultant preparing you to help others improve their skill level, learning how to use intuition and creativity within EMDR therapy, the art of interweaves (cognitive and imaginal).


Google Reviews: Please use this link to leave a review